Dual-Functional Racing Gauge
Windbooster OBD II Dual-Functional Racing Gauge can read two different driving parameters ,and collect the data from OBD port and sensor. They are divided into: Speed and RPM gauge, G value and Turbo pressure ,Intake-air Temp and Turbo pressure, and so on .
Read two driving parameters
Example: Intake-air Temp and Turbo pressure Gauge.
Colorful Rings
Beautiful and Fashionable
The colorful rings are made of aluminum.
Porcelain Apperance
Colorful Digital Display
Parameters are showed by the pointer and adigital dash board. It can arranged in series connection separately.
Alternative covers
more than 5 colors
Beautiful gauge covers are available for you, just choose the one you like most, you will not be disappointed.
Packing List
Exquisite and Fantastic Package
The packing list includes the gauge, series wire, OBD cable/sensor, remote controller and user's manual.