Working Principle
Speed Acceleration
Windbooster Electronic Throttle Response Controller is built to cut response time by completely bypassing a large portion of the traditional electronic throttle control system. Instead, it uses its own control circuits to quickly gather the pedal’s position data, compile it with extreme speed, and send it directly to the computer, thus bypassing multiple extremely slow checks, and improving response time.
Modes: i-auto(Automatic),Race,Sport,Sport+,Eco(Economy)and Normal mode. For i-auto mode,it will switch to different modes automatically according to the driver's driving habits. Intelligent driving is more intelligent and human-friendly which offers convenience to our life.Race mode makes your car to be a race car. Sport mode offers the perfect throttle response speed acceleration.
Show the rate of acceleration , Memory Mode "S" mode and Lock mode .
I-auto Mode
Intelligent Drving
It can switch the driving modes according to the driver's driving style. It can adjust the throttle response automatically according to the driving speed. More Intelligent and Human-friendly. Offering an intelligent and comfortable driving style.
Race Mode
Be a race car
It can noticeably improve the rate of acceleration, and response time of cars with electronic throttle control, making them feel significantly less sluggish as a race car .
Sport+ Mode
Super Sport mode
By completely bypassing the slowest parts of the process, and sending the compiled data directly to the engine computer, your car’s responsiveness will be noticeably improved. In addition to improving response time, it will offer a multitude of programming options to further optimize your vehicle’s throttle control.The rate of acceleration is higher than Sport mode .
Sport Mode
Double Enjoyment
By accelerating the throttle response speed to enhance the instantaneous accelerating performance and explosive force, offering double enjoyment when driving.
Econ Mode
Fuel-saving Mode
Econ Mode as Fuel-saving mode.The fuel consumption will be reduced by 5-10% but throttle response is also reduced. By making the throttle response less sensitive ,obtaining a more gentle and comfortable driving.
Normal Mode
Original factory settings
In normal mode your vehicle is returned to its original factory settings