Windbooster electronic accelerator
The Wind booster throttle controller is basically an electronic interface between the throttle pedal and the actual throttle body, it will basically bypass the computer in the vehicle.
Double enjoyment
4 modes for your choice
It offers you 6 modes: Sport Mode, Race Mode,Economy Mode and Normal Mode, you can choose your favorite mode according to your driving style
Race Mode
The Most Fierce Mode
The most fierce mode, ideal choice for track events or performance driving where a fast throttle response is required
Sport Mode
Unleash the real power of your car
By speeding up the throttle response speed to advance the instantaneous accelerating performance and explosive force, double enjoyment when driving.
Normal Mode
Factory Setting Mode
In normal mode your vehicle is returned to its original factory settings
Fuel Saving Mode
Economy Mode is a more fuel-efficient mode. In this mode fuel consumption can e reduced by 5-10% but throttle response is also reduced. By making the throttle response less sensitive a smoother ride can also be achieved.
Packing List
Exquisite and Fantastic Package
Package list includes: the user's manual,accelerator