Titanium Exhaust
Stronger and Lighter
Control Arms
For Ford Mustang
Honda Civic
Control Arms
Electric Super Car
EV Kart
Electric Go-kart
Control Arm
Control Arms
Control Arms
Windbooster BMW 525 Exhausts
Windbooster Titanium alloy Exhaust pipe is designed for BMW 525 , Which is made by straight line back pressure pipeline, which enhance low-speed torque and high-rpm horsepower. Its sound is lower than inline exhaust pipe but louder than back pressure one. It is composed of pure titanium alloy with a powerful sound. Carbon fiber tail is fashionable, good in appearance , and lightweight with strong corrosion resistance.
Windbooster BMW X5 Exhausts
The Windbooster Exhaust System uses Titanium and mild steel in its construction – which contains trace amounts of carbon combined with hardwearing steel. Coming in a matt, midnight black finish, the Windbooster Exhaust System also has amazing, sleek looks.
Windbooster Toyota 86
If you want the best overall performance, Windbooster Titanium system excels due to its stronger and lighter than steel characteristics. Since Titanium is 40% lighter, this reduction in weight from the vehicle provides a improved power to weight ratio, resulting in better handling and acceleration. Aside of being extremely lightweight and strong, there is also a noticeable difference in sound when comparing Titanium to your standard Stainless Steel exhaust system, this is because Titanium is less dense than steel allowing it to produce a more exotic “Metallic” sound.
The Solution To Slow Response Time. Anyone who loves cars can attest to the fact that a car with fast acceleration is a lot more fun than a car that feels sluggish and unresponsive. This is a huge problem in almost any drive-by-wire car, due to the electronic throttle control system. But there is a solution to this problem, and it is called a throttle response controller. Built to decrease response time, and increase your car’s acceleration speed, a throttle response enhancer will give any drive-by-wire car a noticeable improvement in response time.
7 Mode
It allows you to both increase and decrease the response, which can be very handy when driving on wet, slippery roads or some off-road situations, you can have a better control over the wheel with Windbooster 7 Mode car performance enhancer
9 mode 3s
The comparison of the throttle response speed is displayed at the interface.
4 Mode
Throttle Controller
9 Mode Ultra
It is a throttle response controller that removes response delays on your electronic accelerator pedal. It has 5 different control modes.
9 mode 2s
Intelligently identify the driver's driving habits and automatically adjust the throttle opening, to provide the best throttle response to the driver.
9 mode 4s
Add Lock Mode and Memory Mode . Display the speed acceleration rate on the interface.
Touch +
Touch Screen
8th Anniversary
Anniversary Version
5 Mode
Ultra & Small
4 Colors
Windbooster accelerator
Without Screen Version
OBD ‖ Single Function Racing Gauge
Single Function
OBD II Dual-Functional Racing Gauge
Dual-functional Racing Gauge
Colorful Multi-functional Gauge
5 in 1