Popular Product

Titanium Exhaust

Stronger and Lighter

Control Arms

For Ford Mustang

EV Kart

Electric Go-kart

OBD II Dual-Functional Racing Gauge

Dual-functional Racing Gauge


Porsche Cayenne & Windbooster


Windbooster 9 Mode greatly unleash the real power of this car, It allows you to both increase and decrease the response, which can be very handy when driving on wet, slippery roads or some off-road situations, you can have a better control over the wheel with it.

New Arrival EV Kart


As we all know, electric cars become more and more popular these days, since it is environment-friendly. Windbooster started to research on electric kart two years ago, aiming to bring electric kart onto the market. Our EV Kart is of high quality and high-grade configuration, which will bring you much driving fun.

Windbooster throttle controller


Windbooster has been dedicated to automotive electronics R&D and promotion for 9 years, we started our business with throttle controller in 2008. Our throttle controller is of innovative design and in good quality. Windbooster Accelerator, the first generation verion.

Windbooster Electric Super Car


Titan is born to be a racing car. With its excellent electronic powertrain, Titan can perform much better, it needs only 3.9s to accelerate form 0 to 100Km/h. Titan is equipped with more than 6000 18650 lithium batteries, which makes it possible for Titan to have a up to 400 Km mileage.

Company Culture

Since founded in 2008, Cammus has been focused on automotive electronics R&D and promotion, particularly in automotive performance and power modification, which including electronic accelerator, throttle controller, intelligent driving controller, racing gauge, engine computer, automobile control arms, titanium exhaust, tower bar series and so on. Cammus has famous brands as follows: WINDBOOSTER, iDRIVE, and DKP AROUIG. With humanity science and technology concept, we devote to automotive refitting parts' R&D and sales, focus on aftermarket service of company development strategy.

In the past years, Cammus created a series of technological achievements of epoch-making significance. It has acquired a number of patents, outstanding technology and timeless image of the company has been firmly established. Our aim is to provide a full range of high quality vehicle speed-up products, comprehensive and effective technical support and professional automotive service network for customers.

We will take every customer as our partner and friend, promote our brand to the aftermarket of automobiles in China and the whole world.